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SubCom undersea cable communications networks help offshore energy companies and oceanographic researchers achieve their goals.

Research and beyond. Think of the oceans as an immense cauldron of dynamic activity. The ocean provides us vast reservoirs of data that can be harnessed for research and commercial endeavors.  New and existing production platforms require secure, stable, flexible and expandable undersea communication capabilities. As a pioneer of communications solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry, SubCom maintains teams of experts dedicated to the industry’s special requirements. Adapting our traditional cable network expertise to new arenas, SubCom helps the scientific and oceanographic research communities capture vital oceanographic data through robust and reliable powered undersea fiber optic cable.


Amount of fiber optic networks globally in operation using TE undersea cable


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TE SubCom has deployed enough cable
to circle 15 times around the Equator

  1. SubCom Oil & Gas Platform Riser Cable Installation

This animation depicts the standard installation of a communications riser cable for an oil and gas platform, delicately performed by TE SubCom's cable ships and submersible tools.