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Even in the most extreme and unforgiving marine environments, you can count on TE Connectivity (TE)'s Raychem power connectivity solutions.

Welcome to the Stress Test Zone. Working within tight constraints of ships and oil rigs, where every millimeter of space matters, TE has amassed over 40 years testing experience, knowledge and product development. TE’s Raychem medium voltage cable accessories, mechanical connectors and switchgear connectors are perfect examples of our expansive portfolio. Our high performance materials, such as insulation tubing and sealant mastics provide excellent seals that can withstand any harsh conditions or confined space issues and have been proven to be reliable for long periods of time.

Extreme reliability

Reliable Power

Gain longer operating lives – worldwide, many of our products have been functioning for over 40 years on shipbuilding and offshore projects. Each with support of a global network of experts.  In every case, TE connection systems are built to last. 

High salinity

Offshore Environments

TE's Raychem advanced material technology is tested and proven to withstand high salinity. It features anti-tracking, anti-aging, and corrosion resistance properties that are defining characteristics of our cable accessories.

Harsh temperatures

Ever-Changing Conditions

No matter whether from the hot equatorial regions, or in the extremely cold North and South Poles, TE's Raychem cable accessories work against temperature and environmental extremes. Withstanding even the harshest areas.

Heavy Moisture

Harsh Elements

Robust structure designs in combination with high performance sealant mastics. Reliable sealant properties with proven moisture resistance. We focus on all of these key features during product design and testing, so TE solutions withstand the harshest environments.


Tight spaces

Space-Savings Solution

TE's Raychem cable accessory terminals enable space savings of up to 30% over regular cable connections. So it is easier to maximize your profitability in all offshore working areas.