The Battery Show 2016

Fully Charged

TE Connectivity (TE) brought its portfolio of hybrid and electric mobility solutions, including its latest advancements in sensors, to The Battery Show 2016.

The Battery Show North America 2016. Where electricity, mobility and innovation connect - you can talk with experts and leadership from TE at the show and walk around our newest transparent car, a platform developed to clearly display our latest technologies. Connection after connection, you can count on TE for smaller, greener, lighter and smarter solutions you can trust.

Focused on the Show

Transparent Car on Display

TROY, MI – When Chadwick Taylor, a Senior Manager in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles at TE Connectivity, first attended The Battery Show he looked across the show floor and saw largely automotive battery packs and the products that served them.

Five years later, Taylor says the view inside the vast Suburban Collection Showplace in nearby Novi, MI,  has changed decidedly.

‘’We get people who come by for electric motorcycles,’’ Taylor said. ‘’We get people who come by for electric battery packs. We get people who come by for energy storage.

‘’Over the years this show has grown into areas like charging and critical power and electric vehicle. At the same time TE gas grown too. TE is here with our portfolio of products that can offer solutions across every area The Battery Show covers.’’

Taylor, who is responsible for identifying and growing TE’s content in North America specific to Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, said visitors at TE's booth at the show has grown from about 150 in 2012 to more than 530 in 2015.

The Battery Show, held over three days in the Detroit suburb, is a showcase for the latest advancements in battery, hybrid and electrical and related sensor technology. It’s attended by technical leaders, scientists, engineers, media, project leaders, buyers and senior executives from companies around the world.

TE’s technologies at the show leverage decades of innovation and experience with high-voltage (HV) transmission and distribution. Its hybrid and electric mobility solutions include a complete line of connectors, terminals, sensors, cable assemblies, contactors, and battery connection protection to help safeguard the flow of power in hybrid and electric vehicles. And TE is well-positioned to accelerate success for car makers seeking a leadership role in the connected car market. 

EVC 250
EVC 250 Main Contactor
Hybrid Electric Charging Coupler
Hybrid Electric Manual Disconnect
AMP+ High Current HVP 800

'The transparent car makes our message even stronger.'

- Chadwick Taylor

This year, the centerpiece of TE’s booth was its transparent car model, a platform developed to clearly display TE’s latest technologies to show-goers. The car has more than 200 TE products installed and covers a breadth of topics, including power and data distribution, sensors, ambient lighting, safety systems and Hybrid and Electric Mobility. It points to the company’s focus on developing smaller, greener, lighter and smarter solutions

‘’The transparent car makes our message even stronger,’’ said Taylor. ‘’It demonstrates what TE offers from an automotive standpoint. It’s an opportunity to show people that if they are looking for high-voltage solutions they can come to TE. If they are looking for lighting solutions they can come to TE. The same for relays and infotainment and sensors. Even though this is The Battery Show they can come to TE for high-voltage answers and answers in a lot of other areas.’’

For consumers, the show’s array of products from TE and other companies represent a growth in choices in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. With auto makers now offering more models than ever – and new companies joining the market – Taylor says buyers are benefiting from some enormous advances in technology.

‘’At one point the consumer could go to an OEM and find one vehicle,’’ he said. ‘’Now they offer multiple packages with multiple powertrains. A consumer can choose between an Inline-4 and a V6, for example. They can choose anywhere between a full hybrid and an electric vehicle.

‘’Also the cost is changing. The cost of the vehicles are coming down as economies of scale are starting to rise. They are becoming more affordable for the consumer.’’