Renewable Energy Solutions

Wind Power: The future of green energy

Going Green and Clean

The world still faces tough conditions when it comes to energy production. While energy is a fundamental aspect of everyday activity, how it's produced is still not completely environmentally friendly. There is a great need for renewable energy across the world, and the major aim for this is to reduce the levels of CO2 emissions while providing high-quality power. With the help of the modern wind turbines and solar panels, production of green energy can be achieved effectively. There will be sufficient energy production as well as a clean environment. Wind energy, on the one hand, is currently viewed as one of the major sources of green energy in the future. The energy that wind produces turns either two or three propellers/blades around a rotator which is connected to the shaft of a windmill. The shaft then spins a generator that in turn creates electricity. Just like solar energy, there is no point where there is a harmful substance released into the environment. Wind turbines work perfectly to ensure green energy production, however, there is the need for effective equipment for wind energy to be produced. Wind farms across the earth face unique environmental challenges: wind speed, UV, heat, cold, salt, humidity... Direct, constant exposure to the elements demand durable materials. Remote locations require minimal maintenance and longevity of products in the field. TE Connectivity is committed to help build a sustainable future. Our solutions continue to enable contractors, OEMs to connect, monitor, control and protect wind blades and turbines, power grid, generators and substations. With TE's solutions for renewable energy, wind industry innovators can develop efficient onshore and offshore wind farms.

Number of offshore wind power in megawatts, installed globally at the end of 2016.*

The number of wind turbines spinning around the world at the end of 2016.*

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The energy industry around the world has experienced profound changes from high carbon to low carbon, from low efficiency to high efficiency, and from regional balance to broad configurations. TE is concentrated on the future with a focus on the technology upgrade in the renewable energy industry, and offers a complete flow of renewable energy “connection application” solutions from power generation and energy storage to charging.

How to connect?

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TE’s connectors and terminations were built to perform under environmental extremes. Designed to be both flexible and tough, they can adapt to almost any type of cable. Our portfolio is offering the choice between heat-shrink and cold applied insulation. Each technology has its proper advantages that make it suitable for any environmental conditions and constraints such as thermal aging, high UV exposure, surface electrical activity, constricted spaces ... 
From medium to high voltage they ensure reliable connections into the wind turbines, power grid, generator and substation.

How to Detect?

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TE is providing support to wind engineers in both the development and operations of wind turbines. Our broad range of sensing technologies includes vibrations sensors for gear box, oil level sensors, tilt sensors for tower installation and accelerometers for tower sway and blade monitoring and help insure safe operations of wind farms in every environment. Our vibration sensors, speed sensors and temperature sensors provide a variety of real-time and precise inspection data with their superior performance and reliability, enabling engineers to perform efficient equipment monitoring and maintenance and maximize the use of wind turbines.

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Discover the sensors that make harvesting wind energy possible.

How to Protect?

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Overvoltages, animal intrusions, lightning can affect wind farm and generate power breakdown. TE's range of insulators, surge arresters and wildlife and asset protection solutions are designed to protect wind installations from wind turbines to substation including power grid. 

Product support for innovators and entreprenors

At TE we support all companies, engineers, individuals who decide to exploit the huge potential of wind energy for a better world, by providing all you with high-quality products which will ensure them a high level of efficiency.

*Figures from the Global Wind Energy Council.