terminal blocks

Terminal Block Video Series

With new tools at your disposal to optimize the integration of terminal blocks, a TE technical expert will talk through 7 key phases of boosting design productivity and reliability through a monthly video series.

The design of electrical panels requires the technical expertise and experience of panel builders servicing an increasingly demanding and complex market and nowadays, panel builders are met with challenges such as smaller machines, energy consumption, and increased productivity. This video series conducted by an TE Connectivity ENTRELEC terminal block technical expert offers electrical panel designers a detailed analysis, including seven key points covering the principal factors for boosting an installation's productivity and reliability when integrating terminal blocks into designs.

  1. Video 3: The Installation Phase (English)

This video speaks about the terminal blocks installation phase which is critical in terms of saving time, as delays can cause project costs to rise sharply. In this video you will learn more about how the detailed design of TE’s ENTRELEC terminal blocks have a significant impact on operations. Through various application examples we will see how we can streamline the installation of terminal blocks within the electrical panel when using single terminal blocks installation or pre-assembled terminal blocks.

  • Video series introduction (English)

  • Video 2: The Study, Design and Layout phase (English)