Product Spotlight: Socket Connectors

Socket connectors are engineered to integrate circuitry in small spaces. TE socket connectors provide reliable mechanical and electrical connections in communication applications including desktop PCs and servers. Our portfolio of electronic sockets can support current SDRAM and DDR memory generations, including DDR3DDR4, and DDR5. Our socket connectors are manufactured with vertical, right-angle, and various-angled configurations in solder tail, press fit, and surface-mount (SMT) mounting options. Our portfolio includes integrated circuit (IC) sockets - including DIP sockets and LGA sockets, and memory sockets - including DIMM sockets and SO DIMM sockets. Start shopping TE socket connectors.

  1. TE Solutions for Smart Home Technology

Learn about the TE solutions enabling seamless connectivity throughout the home, giving people more options for easily managing connected communications, appliances, lighting, HVAC, security, and more.

Video courtesy of Arrow Electronics

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