Product Spotlight: Circular Connectors

Circular connectors provide reliable connections to power electronic devices, transmit high-speed data, and relay electrical signals. TE circular connectors are engineered and manufactured to withstand extreme shock, vibration, temperature, and altitude in harsh environments. Our portfolio includes standard circular connectorscircular plastic connectorscircular RJ45 connectors, and more. Start shopping TE circular connectors, which includes solutions from AMPDEUTSCH, and Intercontec.

  1. M12 X-code (English)

The M12 X-code enables easy, error-free installation with it Field Installable technology. The four step assembly process is unique in the market. The product provides a 10 Gb/s connection, making applications ready for any IIOT environment. Please check the video to see how the M12 X-code connector provides solutions for IIOT challenges.

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