New Product: Urea Pressure Sensor

Urea Pressure Sensor

Urea Pressure Sensor

TE's new urea pressure sensor supports automotive industry’s push to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. Freeze-proof and accurate pressure sensing helps to make diesel engines cleaner.

October 18, 2016

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensor solutions, today announced its new urea pressure sensor that accurately measures the pressure of the aqueous urea solution used in the selective catalytic reduction systems (SCR) of modern diesel cars. TE has harnessed its experience from providing solutions for the clean diesel truck industry to support the trend towards nitrogen oxide (NOX) abatement in the automotive industry.

To ensure an optimal conversion rate of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas to harmless nitrogen and water, the amount of injected urea needs to be constantly adjusted. One parameter of this function is to factor in the urea pressure in the pipe leading to the injector. TE’s urea pressure sensor technology is already proven for this purpose in trucks. The new automotive urea pressure sensor is freeze-proof, addressing a concern of car makers as the urea solution typically freezes easily and can damage some pressure sensor designs.

Based on a piezoresistive measuring principle, the new automotive urea pressure sensor features a custom application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), which processes diaphragm reflection to measure absolute fluid pressures of up to 13 bar or sealed gage pressure. Due to a silicone oil chamber transferring the medium pressure to the steel diaphragm, the urea pressure sensor has been successfully tested up to 1000 freezing cycles. The sensor’s stainless steel wetted surfaces are fully compatible with the aggressive chemistry of the fluid. Despite its small size, the sensor has a data storage possibility. Overall it measures pressure with an accuracy in the range of two percent. Interface options are analog or the digital SENT protocol.

“TE’s success with automotive sensors is due to our relentless focus on design customization,” said Thorsten Munzig, global product manager for pressure sensors, TE.” Our new urea pressure sensor is a perfect example as it integrates key features such as freeze protection, small dimensions and data storage.”

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