TE News: TE SubCom Introduces Ocean Spectrum Bandwidth Management Software to Accompany Ocean Gateway Products



October 13, 2016

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TE SubCom Introduces Ocean Spectrum Bandwidth Management Software to Accompany Ocean Gateway Products

Operators now have unprecedented flexibility to select preferred SLTE line card suppliers and maintain full integrity of wet plant system

EATONTOWN, N.J., October 13, 2016 – TE SubCom, a TE Connectivity Ltd. company and an industry pioneer in undersea communications technology, today announced the availability of Ocean Spectrum bandwidth manager software. The software, in conjunction with TE SubCom’s Ocean Gateway products, fully enables cable operators to select their preferred submarine line terminating equipment (SLTE) line card supplier and create an interoperable and complementary dry and wet plant. Both Ocean Spectrum and Ocean Gateway were developed to reinforce TE SubCom’s Open Cables business model and facilitate support of multiple vendors across common fiber pairs. With the release of Ocean Spectrum, the complete technology offering behind Open Cables now grants cable operators unprecedented flexibility, network performance and commercial opportunity.

    • Open Cables was introduced by TE SubCom in January 2015 to provide customers a greater choice for line cards while continuing to benefit from SubCom’s latest undersea technology. Representing a fundamental industry shift in undersea design at the time of its introduction, Open Cables has provided the option of a cost-effective, comprehensive, yet tailored solution that allows for a multi-vendor supplier base for transponders. The choice of third party equipment allows customers converged network integration of their subsea and terrestrial parts, producing higher volumes and common operations that drive business efficiency.

    • Ocean Gateway, announced in May 2015, is a suite of common equipment supplied by SubCom for wet plant line termination that allows multiple vendors of line card equipment to interface with a single fiber. It also establishes a common access to the wet plant for upgrades for third party equipment makers. Operators can select from multiple vendors’ products and use the Ocean Gateway suite to perform wet plant maintenance, operations and troubleshooting, line loading and performance monitoring.

With today’s launch, Ocean Gateway can be augmented with Ocean Spectrum bandwidth manager software: a seamless user interface to configure and manage the Ocean Gateway suite of products. Ocean Spectrum provides enhanced power control and additional spectrum management, facilitating the coexistence of multiple tributaries from partial fiber pair owners.

“When we introduced Open Cables and Ocean Gateway in 2015, we opened up a world of possibilities for our customers while still offering the best in class solution for both wet and dry plant,” said Mark Enright, vice president, customer solutions, TE SubCom. “Now with Ocean Spectrum bandwidth manager, cable operators have both the capability and the precision control to choose from several SLTE vendors on the same fiber pair while utilizing the latest technologies that are available at the time of system completion or upgrade.” 

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