TE Circuits and Design is actively involved in the industry by researching and providing state of the art electrical performance reports, general reports and reference designs. These free resources cover such topics as alternate PCB materials, 5 and 10 gigabit system design, nanosecond discontinuities and optical backplane implementation.

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Title Description
25 Gbps Backplane System w High Density Connectors DesignCon 2009 - A Signal Integrity Comparison of 25 Gbps Backplane Systems Using Varying High-Density Connector Performance Levels
25 Gbps NRZ and PAM-4 Modulation DesignCon 2012 - This paper provides a reference for engineers to use when considering when it is appropriate to use NRZ signaling at 25 Gbaud and when it is appropriate to use PAM-4 signaling at 12.5 Gbaud for successful high-density backplane operation
5 Gbps over a Backplane Practical Guidelines for Implementing 5 Gbps in Copper Today, and the Roadmap to 10 Gbps
Alt. Materials The Impact of PWB Construction on High-Speed Signals
Beyond 25 Gbps: A Study of NRZ & Multi-Level Mod DesignCon 2013 - This paper examines traditional and alternative copper backplane architectures to determine what speed, beyond 25 Gbps, is possible per differential link.
Cables & Gigabit Speeds Evaluation of Maximum Usable Lengths for Cabled Copper Interconnects
Causal Modeling DesignCon 2008 - Solutions for Causal Modeling and a Technique for Measuring Causal, Broadband Dielectric Properties
GTLP in Live Insertion Applications DesignCon 2001 - The Use of Quietmate Technology and Texas Instruments GTLP Logic
Hot Swap Connectors Nanosecond Discontinuity Impact on Hot Swap
Impulse Response Models DesignCon 2008 - The Need for Impulse Response Models and an Accurate Method for Impulse Generation from Band-Limited S-Parameters
In Fixture Measurement Techniques DesignCon 2004 - Obtaining Accurate Device-Only S-Parameter Data to 15-20 GHz Using In-Fixture Measurement Techniques
Reliable Serial Backplane Data Transmission at 10G DesignCon 2002 - Design Techniques for a 10 Gbps System using HM-Zd and Gennum Active Equalization
Statistical Simulation Techniques DesignCon 2010 - This paper will examine correlation between public-domain tools, EDA vendor tools, and test data using various high-speed interconnects as case studies
Surface Mount Technology in Multi-Gigabit Systems Euro DesignCon 2004 - Transition to Surface Mount: An Analysis of Signal Integrity Improvement versus Manufacturing Concerns in Multi-Gigabit Systems Using High-Density Connectors

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