Highlights from the 2015 Annual Report


A Look Inside TE Connectivity’s Contributions to Enabling a More Connected World

Smarter factories, connected vehicles, safer and more advanced medical devices, and data everywhere are underlying market trends creating significant opportunities for TE. Our dedication to innovation, focus on solutions for harsh environments, and commitment to delivering extraordinary customer experiences allows us to capitalize on these opportunities and more.

$170 billions connectivity and sensor market, 6% annual growth
Connectivity & Sensor Market
Annual Growth
$12.2B in Total Sales:
$6.3 billions
#3.2 billions
$2.7 billions
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* 6% estimated annual market growth rate over the next 5 years

A message to our stakeholders

We continued the consistent execution of our strategy to strengthen our position as the world leader in connectivity and establish a leadership position in sensors.
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Tom Lynch, Chairman & CEO
Demand for TE content is rising with the increasing demand for innovation and connectivity in our end markets.
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Terrence Curtin, President


Redefining Convenience, Re-Engineering Travel

Automobiles are using TE’s advanced technology to enhance communication, safety, and performance – within the car, between vehicles, and to other devices and machines. Within the vehicle, our solutions help detect and report potential mechanical failures before they occur. Beyond the vehicle, TE innovations enable automobiles to transmit information to the connected home, providing new conveniences and efficiencies.

In TE Content Growth
per year as a result of
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Safer, Greener, Smarter, and More Connected Vehicles

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Automation is Transforming the Driving Experience

Anti-lock brake
Press fit technology

Mechanically connects a terminal to 
a printed circuit board, eliminating 
the solder process, providing better performance in harsh environments, and added capacity for interconnections when space in the vehicle is limited

Wheel speed sensors

These sensors monitor and send speed data to the engine control system and ABS, to improve ride, handling, and safety

Mechatronic Solutions

Integrates mechanical components and electrical hardware – including sensors – into a single unit, for more reliable and versatile vehicle applications


Fast, Precise, and Safe

Factories are using TE’s connectivity and sensor solutions to transform assembly lines into self-monitoring, adaptive learning systems, resulting in a new level of safety in human-robot interoperability. In a connected factory, sensor-equipped robots can learn tasks and predict human behavior, leading to an infrastructure which can quickly leverage vast amounts of real-time data, respond to changing on-demand production needs, and improve efficiency, quality, and cost performance.

Increase in robotics
installations expected
between 2016 and 2018*

*International Federation of Robotics, “World Robotics: Industrial  Robotics 2015”

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A Contactless Solution Optimizes Flexibility and Reliability


The Transformation of Industrial Machinery

Robotic Arm
M8/M12 connector system

Safely and reliably enables secure high-speed connections in mission-critical industrial machines, operating under the harshest conditions

Heavy duty connectors (HDC)

Offers power, signal, and data transmission in one connector, and reliable performance in the most demanding environment

Ariso contactless 

Delivers power, data, and signal in harsh environments and without disruptions from water, dust, or vibration


Smaller Devices, Minimizing Risk, Recovery, and Cost

Custom-engineered, miniaturized medical solutions – such as single-use catheters – enable surgeons to perform complex and life-saving procedures with greater ease, speed, and precision. These devices can seamlessly capture, record, and process critical patient data. When used for minimally invasive techniques, these devices also help reduce patient trauma and lower operating costs for healthcare facilities.

Market growth rate
of minimally invasive
procedures, due to increased
access and affordability

The Technology That Is Advancing Medical Device Solutions

Integrated Catheter
Custom-manufactured catheters and guidewires

Offers multiple tip configurations to meet extremely precise performance criteria, enabling life-saving procedures by allowing access to very narrow 
areas of the body

Laser processing

Produces miniaturized devices designed to minimize trauma for patients, which helps reduce recovery times, resulting in shorter hospital stays and lower medical costs

Custom calibrated sensors

Improves therapy precision and accuracy in small areas, enabling surgeons to perform complex procedures with minimally invasive techniques


Accelerating Data Transmission, with More Reliability and Less Power

In today’s data center, machines must transfer data at unprecedented speeds. Our high-performance connectors increase a data center’s capacity to process, store, and transmit large volumes of data across a complex network of servers, routers, and storage devices. As a result, data centers can optimize the technology powering always-on operations, including today’s clouds and big-data applications.

Emails sent
per second, globally*

*World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), 
“1 Second – Internet Live Stats”


Solutions for the Connected 
Data Center

Servers, storage, switching, 
and routers
Power for open compute project (OCP)

Streamlines the distribution of power and reduces the number of bus bar connectors in a data-center rack – in the only solution fully compatible with Open Compute Project (OCP) specifications

Strada whisper connectors

Transfers data at 25 Gigabits per 
second (Gbps), offering scalability up 
to 56 Gbps, and optimizing data integrity by reducing noise and other inefficiencies in the data center

High-speed input/output connectors

Delivers data 2.5 times faster than conventional solutions, with future-proof technology that enables easier data center upgrades


Turning Bright Ideas into Brilliant Solutions

At TE Connectivity, excellence in engineering and success in business are achieved by the continued execution of our strategy. This is our advantage, made possible by the people, values, and performance which have enabled TE to become a global leader in connectivity and sensor solutions. Each day, this advantage enables us to innovate, turning new ideas into the products, processes, and practices that are connecting and powering the industries transforming the world.

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Corporate Responsibility

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values and the highest standards of ethics.

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TE Connectivity (NYSE: TEL) is a $12 billion global technology leader, with strong performance expectations.

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