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Video Tutorial: New Product Compare and Find Similar Products Features (English)

Learn about our three most recent improvements to our website, which include the addition of the Product Compare and Find Similar Products features and the enhancement of the Your Resources section.

We have streamlined access to your favorite product utilities. Our product tools are now located within our Utilities area, accessed through our Product navigation.  

How to access tools.
Product utilities are now available through our Product navigation.

Access the resources you rely on. After logging into your account, you can select – from the drop-down menu – our resources for checking order status, pricing and availability, and quote requests. 

Views of Your Resources

The views of Resources when you are not signed in (or not registered), as well as when you are signed in.

We have added a new way to compare products.  You can now compare up to 10 products when browsing product lists or search results. On a search results page, simply click the check box (as shown below) beside the product you would like to compare. Then, click the "Compare" button (top right side) to view the comparison results. You can also add products to "My Part Lists," which allows you to export your list to Excel and to compare product attributes.

Step 1

On the Product Listing Page, you can first identify products to compare. 

Steps for comparing products

Step 2

Click the check box for the products you would like to compare. Then click "Compare." 

Steps for comparing products

Step 3

The products you selected to compare will display for easy comparison. 

Steps for comparing products

On the, you can navigate through our product categories and then sort by product attributes. On the product detail page, you can access similar parts by clicking on the Series name (shown directly below). And, you can now access a listing of similar parts by clicking on the Find Similar Products button (shown in the screen below the series).

Series on Product Detail Page
Series on Product Detail page
Find Similar Products

Click on the Find Similar Products Button to see all products with similar attributes.