Hollow Shaft Resolvers

Resolvers for Smart Factories

The use of sensors for determining angles increases with progressive automation. The hollow shaft resolver has long won its own steady position on the market and can nowadays be found in many modern, high-precision control systems.

Reliability and high precision. Due to its design, the hollow shaft resolver boasts of a service live above average. Reliability as well as high precision and low space requirements supplement its favorable characteristics. It remains fully operable even under extreme environmental conditions. Essentially, the resolver mechanically consists of a stationary stator and a movable rotor. Electrically it consists of of a transformer for supplying the rotor with power and a second transformer for determining angles.


absolute angular information


  • Non contact measure principle
  • Robust against humidity and many lubricants
  • Resistant to shock and vibrations (tested up to 50g)
  • Wide temperature range (-55°C to +150°C)
  • Low sensitivity to electromagnetic interferences
  • Absolute angular information over 360°
  • Signal transmission over long distances without extra signal conditioning
  • High accuracy (typical angular between  ± 4‘ and ± 20‘ arc minutes depending on the variant)
  • Max. permissible motor speed 20.000 rpm
  • Available in size 15 and 21 (diameter)
  • Available as 1 up to 4 speed version


Servo Drives / Motor Feedback with

  • Variable speed control
  • Electronic commutation (brushless motors)
  • Positioning