Dependable Electrical Connectors, Power Connection and Grounding Solutions

TE Connectivity has been providing users in a wide range of industries with reliable electrical connectors for over 5 decades. Our products have been field tested and adjusted to give you excellent connections with the least maintenance overhead. Efficient and durable connections are available for a wide range of situational applications including low, medium, and high voltage cables for underground, overhead and substation cables. Using innovatively engineered Wedge Pressure Technology, connections are engineered to exude constant and efficient pressure while minimizing degradation and allowing savings in areas like maintenance and repair. Fittings are available to cover grounding, mechanical, repair sleeves, and more! TE Connectivity strives to create power and grounding connectors that you can depend on.

Extensive Range of Connections Built to Last

TE Connectivity has a huge variety of electrical connector options. All connectors have been engineered to the highest standards of quality and design, exhibiting properties like Wedge Pressure Technology, corrosion resistance, insulative properties, material strength, efficient durability, flexibility, and more. With TE Connectivity, you can trust that you're getting connections that will endure. Compression electrical connectors are compatible with a huge range of cable sizes and specifications. Threading is reliable and all connectors are designed to maintain constant pressure for their entire product lives. Save on installation time and maintenance costs with our disconnect switches. Designed for reliability, you can trust that you will receive a swift and secure current interruption with all disconnect switches and products. TE Connectivity also offers a huge range of mechanical connectors. Products include copper aluminum shear bolt splices, mechanical lugs, mechanical connectors and repair sleeves, bolted lugs, dead ends, and more. Ring terminals and ring connectors are available in forms that can be both crimped and soldered. TE Connectivity offers any different sizes and gauge specifications to fit all of your low-voltage and DC needs. All fuse holders have also been field tested and approved to create a protected circuit that maintains constant and reliable pressure force! Insulating connectors are offered in multiple configuration options that maintain the highest standards of quality and design. TE also offers many power connector tools to install your electrical connectors. Multiple link boxes with varying voltage specifications are available as well as grounding and earthing connectors in a huge array of sizes, materials, and specifications. TE Connectivity creates connections that you can depend on.