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Every HV connection is critical and demands fail-safe electrical connection, mechanical strength, and reliability.

TE unites world-leading high-voltage component brands under a single company. Individually, each has forged a reputation for innovation, reliable performance and ease of installation. Collectively, they assure you that TE delivers uncompromising performance for components throughout your transmission and substation projects. We are focused on development, manufacturing of cable accessories and execution of projects providing reliable operation of electric power systems. Many of the world’s leading enterprises employ our cable accessories which are developed for long-term operation in the most severe conditions including high pollution locations. Our products have a very high reliability index which warrants saving of customers capital outlays. We use experience accumulated from more than 40 years in materials science, development of new technologies, and intensive study of customers needs. We constantly improve our production technology and the quality of our products while paying attention to customers increasing requirements. Our products passed all relevant tests in independent test labs in order to comply with quality requests of International Standards like IEC and IEEE. TE has technical support centers where customers can get professional assistance. Our specialists are always ready to find solutions for any specific issue of any enterprise.

  1. TE High Voltage Products (English)

Overview of TE offering in HV connector systems, including hollow core insulators.