TE is a precision manufacturer of copper closures, designed to high standards and protecting copper communications cables in aerial, buried, or underground applications.

External plant networking. TE's copper splice closures family is a rugged and versatile platform that can be used in any environment (aerial, pedestal, buried, and underground) and for numerous splice applications (expressed, tap-off, branch and repair). TE's copper splice closures combine proven gel- and heat shrink sealing technology with installation expertise to simplify training, reduce inventory and enhance productivity.

Cold Closures

Copper Closures

TE's gel sealing system allow easy handling at all temperatures as well as easy re-entering. No special tools are needed for installation. These watertight splice closure are for aerial, underground, and direct buried usage in the unpressurized copper telecommunication network. They typically have a robust construction with high mechanical strength.

Heat Shrink Closures

Copper Closures

TE's heat-shrink splice closures are made of SuperSleeve sealing material which combines the strength and durability of composite design with proven heat-shrink technology. These watertight splice closures are used for aerial, buried, and underground applications and provide a fast, simple way to seal telephone cable splices in pressurized or nonpressurized telephone cable.

Closure Accessories

Copper Closures

TE offers fast and easy installable copper splice closure accessories for both pressurized and un-pressurized applications. TE's heat-shrinkable wraparound sleeve technology combined with excellent composite material provides high mechanical strength and ease of installation in confined spaces.

Copper Closures

Gel-sealed Closures (English)

TE has the in-house expertise to design, develop and manufacture gel-sealed closures, withstanding the harshest outside plant environments in broadband networks.