Quareo Physical Layer Management System

Quareo Physical Layer Management System

Know, in real time, when and where changes occur in your network.

What is Physical Layer Management? Physical layer management systems from TE are helping network and data center managers bridge the gap between network and physical layer management, and are revolutionizing the way networks are maintained and controlled. With TE's physical layer management systems, network administrators now have instant visibility to unauthorized physical intrusion, activity awareness control, and automatic documentation changes. All of this while reducing troubleshooting time and expense by up to 68%. 


  • Faster service turn-up
  • Increased asset utilization
  • Asset detail access
  • Improved network security
  • Faster service restoration
  • Technician guidance for workforce efficiency
  • Technician feedback for quality control
Reduce Service Turn-Up Time by up to 50%

Reduce service turn-up time by up to 50%

Reduce SLA Penalties by up to 80%

Reduce SLA penalties by up to 80%

Improve Utilization of Assets by 90%

Improve utilization of assets by 90%

Quareo Physical Layer Management System Overview (English)

Quareo system demonstration and capabilities overview.

  • Descripción General del Sistema de Administración General de la Capa Física Quareo (Spanish)

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