Networking Frames & Racks


TE’s frames and racks are designed to fit a variety of copper and fiber cabling applications. Each frame type is designed with an emphasis on superior cable management and ease of use, including features such as easy installation, high density, modularity, and future expansion.

Enabling high-speed networks.  As gigabit FTTH and networks are built, more cables and connections are required. A successful network requires a well-designed infrastructure built upon frames implementing best practices in fiber management. Management of cables has a direct impact on network reliability, performance and cost. It impacts network maintenance and operations, as well as the ability to reconfigure, expand the network and implement new services.

In a round-the-clock 'uptime' environment contending with hundreds of thousands of equipment ports, having easy access to copper and/or fiber cables and connectors is key to make adds, moves and changes.
Jaxon Lang,
Vice President TE Broadband Network Solutions - Americas Region
TE Connectivity Networking Frames & Racks