Copper Cables and Cable Assemblies

Copper Cables and Cable Assemblies

TE offers a broad portfolio of high-performance products for Cat3, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7, and Cat7a cables and connectivity. Our best-in-class copper technologies are backed by a 25-year performance and component warranty that offers our customers peace of mind.

The industry embraces copper cabling solutions for better performance and noise immunity – critical elements in any network infrastructure.  Our broad portfolio of high-performance copper solutions includes products from our AMP NETCONNECT, KRONE, and TrueNet portfolios, covering all applications from 1 GbE to 10 GbE and offering options for shielded, unshielded, and pre-terminated. Our Category 6 cables include the 620 and 630 series CMP cables, which utilize our patented AirES cable technology to improve data throughput, reduce space, and ease installation.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

By using unique design and advanced manufacturing techniques, we can build AirES cable using air as a conductor insulator. Our 640 Series CAT 6A F/UTP cables offer superior noise immunity at higher frequencies where applications like 10 Gigabit Ethernet reside, without hampering performance. Combined with outstanding margins on critical parameters such as crosstalk and return loss, TE640 F/UTP cables are an excellent choice for your 10 gig network.

Along with unsurpassed electrical performance, 640 F/UTP cables feature an industry-low outside diameter for increased fill rates, driving down installation costs. Our 640 Series Category 6A plenum cables feature the best in class AirES technology. This patented design saves as much as 32% of the available space in cable runs and is a key component of the TE structured cabling system. The smaller diameter also saves space in the communications closet, reduces the amount of cable management accessories required and lowers the risk associated with fire and smoke in the plenum space. TE's 640 cable also features a patented oblique elliptical offset filler to minimize alien crosstalk.