non-linear lighting - circular linear lighting

Non-Linear Lighting

Ring Leader. Our non-linear cup holder lighting design, combined with innovative lighting design concepts, provide advanced light transmission using only one LED for in-vehicle light ring applications.

Our process brings uniformity to light pipe. We have developed a co-extrusion process which produces an acrylic light pipe allowing for focused light and allows it to travel the length of the light pipe with intensity and uniformity. Unlike light guides made of polycarbonate, those made out of acrylic do not alter the intended color of light along the linear path being illuminated. Our unique light guide can be bent post-manufacturing, so that desired vehicle interior contours can be reproduced in a repeatable manner. In comparison to light guides created using injection molding, our extruded light guides require minimal tool costs, using less LED wattage, while allowing for very low cost engineering changes. The system can also be delivered as an "active" unit, allowing our customer to easily vary the light intensity and color.

cup holder light ring assembly component illustration
Cup Holder Light Ring Assembly


  • Rapid prototyping expertise.
  • Comprehensive portfolio providing complete lighting solutions.
  • Custom product platform developed from core TE designs.
  • Experienced launch team.