G-Type® Pre-Printed Push-on Wire Markers

Made with zero halogen, self extinguishing materials, enabiling them to be suitable for applications that required Low Fire Hazard properties.

Individual push-on markers used to identify wires and small cables. They are designed with an expanding profile, enabling each marker to accommodate a wide range of wire/cable sizes. The markers are supplied chevron cut to ensure the print remains aligned. An extruded modified thermoplastic profile, based on an EVA polymer. Formulated to give Low Fire Hazard properties, which allow this product to be used in locations where fire may pose a risk to human life. Typical Installations include underground railways and mass transit.


  • Post termination cable identification
  • Identification of large cables, wire bundles, pipework and conduit
  • Installation friendly - way to replace, ideal for retrofitting and repairs. Only cable ties are needed
  • Electric and Electronic Equipment, Light


  • Zero Halogen
  • Low toxic fumes
  • Low smoke
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Resistant to key industrial and rail fluids (defined by RW-2537)
  • Excellent resistance to burning - typical LOI 47%


TE Connectivity Standard

  • RW-2513

Mass Transit

  • London Underground 1-085, Fire Safety
    Performance of Materials ‘Extensive and Grouped Usage’
  • EN45545-2 ‘Hazard Classification 3’ Requirement Set R24
  • BS6853 ‘Vehicle Category la’ Interior minor use
    materials of mass 100g to 500g
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 130 ‘Other Vehicle Components’
  • NF F 16-101 Railway rolling stock, fire behaviour, choice of materials: Classification A1
  • BS EN 50343 2003: Railway applications. Rolling stock. Rules for installation of cabling ‘Appendix H’
  • SAE AS5942 ‘Adherence’