Power triple lock connector system

Lock it, power on, with assurance

There is no stopping your design ideas with the connector that offers 3-in-1 reliability.

The Power Triple Lock connector system offers high performance with a functional design. From the audible lock to the many added customer benefits, the Power Triple Lock connector system has been specifically developed for better power and signal applications. For 3-in-1 reliability, the system offers 3 enhanced methods of connectivity, making your design connections better in every way. It locks in three ways. Cap (or header) and plug latch together. The CPA – connector position assurance – device locks the cap (or header) and plug together. The TPA – terminal position assurance – device helps assure terminals are fully seated and remain that way. Three material options support standard 105°C, high temperature 150°C and glow wire applications. Four keying options, multiple colors and snagless design features help assure fast, accurate connections on the assembly line. Up to 15 positions are offered on 6mm spacing. 

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With 3-in-1 reliability and snag-free design, this product offers material options, keying features, color options, ratings to 20A, and efficient 6 mm centerline spacing.


Centerline spacing


Row-to-row spacing


Maximum rating

3-in-1 Locking Features

Position Assurance
  • Audible ‘click’ latch provides positive feedback when cap and plug are mated, while surrounding ribs help prevent wire snags 
  • Optional connector position assurance (CPA) helps ensure the connector system cannot be mistakenly disengaged
  • Optional terminal position assurance (TPA) helps ensure contacts are fully seated and protects against contact backout


Commercial / Industrial / Transportation
  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Washers and dryers
  • Cookware
  • Water heaters
  • Vacuums
  • Garage door openers
  • Automotive
  • Commercial building
  • HVAC
  • Industrial machinery
  • Rail

Improving Appliance Connector Designs

Materials / Ratings

One of the important aspects of the Power Triple Lock connector product offering is the breadth of connector (plug and cap) materials – all V0-rated materials offered in four levels.

  1. The standard material is polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), a thermoplastic engineering polymer (instead of nylon) that provides improved service for broad range of appliances.
  2. The second level is a Glow Wire (GWT, V0, NF 750°C) option that conforms to the flammability requirements of IEC 60335-1 for unattended appliances with connections carrying current of greater than 0.2 Amperes.
  3. The third level allows high-temperature applications, such as cooking appliances, to be addressed. The thorough approach to fulfilling customer requirements is demonstrated by a true 150°C, high-temperature solution. The housing and the contacts are rated at 150°C instead of 105°C.
  4. The fourth level is a Hot Wire Ignition (HWI) option that is non-standard.

Since they are used in all four material levels, the TPA and and CPA are both 150°C high-temperature materials. Color coding allows a quick visual check to ensure that the right material is used in a specific application.

Technical Data

Electrical / Mechanical

Voltage Rating 600 VAC or VDC
Current Rating Up to 20 A
Position Sizes
Single Row 2, 3, 4, 5
Dual Row 2x3, 2x4, 2x5, and 2x6
Matrix 3x3, 3x4, 3x5
Centerline Spacing 6.0 mm
Row-to-row Spacing 8.1 mm
Operating Temperature
-55 to 105°C  standard material
-55 to 150°C  high temp material

Frequently Asked Questions


Question Answer
What are the operating temperature requirements? The new Power Triple Lock connector system offers all V-0 materials, with standard product made from a PBT material, rated at 105°C. For high temperature applications, like cooking, materials are available for 150°C.
What is the benefit of choosing glow wire housings? The Power Triple Lock connector system offers glow wire housings that allow manufacturers of home appliances to comply with the IEC 60335-1 standard.
What are the wire size requirements? The Power Triple Lock connector system can accommodate single wire ranges from 12 AWG to 20 AWG, and double wires from 2X18 AWG to 2X20 AWG.
In what circuit count is the Power Triple Lock connector system offered? The Power Triple Lock connector caps and plugs are available from 2 through 15 positions, with both free hanging and panel mount housings. Headers are available from 2 through 5 positions.
Do I need to use the connector position assurance (CPA) device and the terminal position assurance (TPA) device? The CPA and TPA devices are offered for this Power Triple Lock connector system as options. Many customers are now asking for these devices in some or all of their applications as added security to help ensure the connector halves remain together once mated and ensure contact retention in each circuit cavity.
Do you offer terminal position assurance (TPA) devices for matrix (3 row) housings? Yes. The matrix housings are designed to accept 1 single row and 1 dual row TPA.
  1. Power Triple Lock Application Overview (English)

Learn more about the power triple lock connector system. This overview will explain the assembly sequence of the power triple lock connector system, the contact crimping sequence, and the OCEAN applicator system.