Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) Connectors

Flat Flexible Cable Connectors

Our connectors for flat flexible cable (FFC) include a wide variety of high density board-to-board, wire-to-board, and wire-to-wire connectors designed for automated assembly.

The FFC connector family is composed of pin and receptacle housings designed for efficient use of printed circuit board (PCB) area. Pin and receptacle housings on .100 [2.54] centerline contact spacing and receptacle housings on .050 [1.27] centerline contact spacing use PCB area efficiently. Receptacle housings not only mate with the pin housings, but also with an array of PC board headers from other TE connector lines, including AMPMODU MTE, AMPMODU .0252 [0.642], AMPMODU System 50, and AMP-LATCH product families.

High density packaging

Low profile design

Wide variety of housing options


FFC Connectors
  • Cable stripping and plating eliminated
  • High speed sequential application of multiple-crimp contacts
  • Underwriters Laboratories Inc., File No. E28476
  • CSA Report No. LR 7189A-91
  • Single and double row housings: plain and latch
  • Pin, receptacle, card edge, and solder tab contact options
  • Capability of intermixing FFC cable and round wire contacts


FFC Connectors
  • PCs
  • PDA
  • Camera
  • Membrane switches
  • Inkjet, laser, and 3D printers
  • Disk drives
  • Data systems
  • Appliances
  • Industrial controls
  • Medical devices
FFC Contacts
FFC Contacts: Four crimping tines for electrical and mechanical reliability.
FFC Standard Connectors
FFC Standard Connectors: Available in single and dual row spacing.
FFC Slimline Connectors
FFC Slimline Connectors: Quality connections in a smaller form factor.
FFC FLEXPAC Connectors
FFC FLEXPAC Connectors: Versatile solution for high performance applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

About FFC Connectors

Question Answer
Are you looking for a crimp termination solution or a direct cable mating solution?

TE's FCC Products can accommodate both termination styles. Our standard FFC and FLEXPAC offerings can accommodate crimp termination, while our TRIO-MATE and ZIF offerings can accommodate direct cable mating.

What type of cable are you hoping to terminate?

TE’ s FFC offering, along with its sister product, FPC, can solve your cable termination needs.

What centerline (or pitch) is required for your applications?

The standard FFC centerlines are 0.05” (1.25mm) and 0.100” (2.54mm). However, we can accommodate smaller centerlines if needed with our FPC product line.

Do you require any application tooling?

TE offers a full range of application tooling associated with our FFC products. Review Application Tooling in the to FFC Quick Reference Guide (English) to learn more.

Does your application require latching?

TE’s standard FFC offering and the FLEXPAC offering have latching options available.

Does your application require any agency approvals?

Many of our FFC products carry agency approvals such as UL and CSA.