DEUTSCH Wildcat series connectors

Higher Density for Harsh Conditions

TE's DEUTSCH Wildcat Series connectors enable integration of aerospace equipment and cabling in increasingly confined spaces.

TE's DEUTSCH Wildcat family of connectors answers the demanding needs of the aerospace industry. Wildcat connectors save weight and integrate aerospace equipment and cabling into increasingly confined spaces, with smaller, higher-density connectors capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions such as vibration, high/low temperature and exposure to aggressive fluids. A range of shell and contact styles are available, including crimp and PCB contacts. 

The Wildcat Micro and Wildcat 38999 are both fully sealed with rear removable contacts and are available in various plating and material finishes including cadmium, zinc cobalt, ROHS compliant nickel.
DEUTSCH goes 'Wild' for High Density!,
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DEUTSCH Wildcat 38999
Wildcat 38999

Wildcat 38999 Connector

Based on MIL-DTL-38999 Series 3 technology the connectors are available in four housing sizes with between 11 and 64 contacts which provide almost double the contact density for a given 38999 connector size. The triple-start threaded interface provides a robust and high-reliability coupling mechanism with a high level of resistance to shock and vibration.

Mounting and rear accessory options are available enabling either backshell or cable braid and boot termination. As with the Micro series, the connectors are fully sealed with rear removable contacts and available in various plating and material finishes.

Space and Weight Savings
  • Almost double the contact density of MIL-DTL-38999 connectors
  • Lightweight materials

  • Threaded anti-vibration coupling
  • Scoop-proof interface
  • Aggressive fluid resistance and dust ingress prevention

  • Fully sealed cable and mating interface
  • EMI screening as per MIL-DTL-38999 Series III
  • RFI mating interface band

  • 7 keying options including "Universal"
  • Various plating and material options
  • Backshell or cable braid/boot rear feature that eliminates need for backshell
  • Rear-removable crimp and PCB contacts (consult TE for PCB details)
deutsch wildcat micro series
Wildcat Micro

Wildcat Micro Series

These extremely compact connectors are based on the proven HDJ / JN1003 range and are available in two housing sizes with four contact layouts with between 3 and 9 contacts.

A robust bayonet mechanism enables quick and positive coupling with an anti-vibration triple-start threaded option also available. Various mounting options are available and the rear accessory feature provides for cable braid and boot termination.

Space and Weight Savings
  • High-density contact spacing and lightweight materials

Flexible Configuration
  • Bayonet or threaded coupling

Rugged Reliability
  • Extreme temperature, vibration and corrosion resistance
  • Aggressive fluid resistance and dust ingress prevention
  • Fully sealed cable and mating interface with IP67 rating

  • Over 500 mating cycles

Easy to Use
  • Scalloped/knurled coupling ring for easy gripping
  • Scoop-proof interface
  • Rear removable crimp and PCB contacts
  • Cable braid and boot rear feature for fast, effective shield termination and no need for separate backshell

  • 7 keying options including "Universal"
  • Suitable for both signal and low power applications
  • MIL-STD-1553 protocol compatible