DEUTSCH DMC-M Series | TEconnectivity

Setting the Standard

Quick Change Modular Connector Solutions For Aircraft IFE – Cabin and Avionics Systems. TE's DEUTSCH DMC-M modular connector has more than 30 years of proven field reliability setting the standard for modular connectors in the aerospace and military industries.

The classic, dependable aircraft connector. DEUTSCH DMC-M connector is modular to address a wide range of needs and has been standardized according to the most demanding avionics specifications, including EN4165. From its assortment of contact arrangements and insert layouts, to its light weight and reliability, DMC-M connector is the perfect interconnectivity solution for both new designs and custom retrofit applications. 


Service temperature


Years experience

Weight Saving, Composite, Modular

Light weight composite, modularity, color and mechanical coded, push pull coupling are the key features of this connector.  In addition to the EN4165 range is aluminum cable contact compliant.


ARINC 809, BACC65, EN4165 qualified

Markets and Application

Cabin and avionic systems

Technical Characteristics

Housing Composite
Plating Nickel
Inserts Thermoplastic and FSR
Vibrations 20 g
Durability up to 500 mating cycles
Salt spray up to 500 hours
Contacts Copper alloy with gold on nickel plating
Interfacial Sealing 1.1 x 10-2 bar

Electrical Characteristics

Temperature range -55°C to +175°C 
Insulation resistance ≥ 5000 MΩ
Maximum current Size 22 : 5 A
  Size 20 : 7.5 A
  Size 16 : 13 A
  Size 12 : 23 A
  Size 8 : 46 A

EMI Shielding Performance

Frequency (MHz) 100 200 300 400 800 1000
Attenuation (dB) 50 45 45 40 35 30






Plug Backshell
7 gr 6 gr 9 gr 4-7 gr
0.015 lbs 0.013 lbs 0.020 lbs 0.009-0.015 lbs

Recommended Mounting for Receptacle Screw Torque

0.5 0.1 or 4.4 0.9 in-lbf

When using DEUTSCH integrated nut plate

Réf. 787-0016-00 (see page 8).


  • Modularity: Perfect for new designs, custom and retrofit applications
  • Easy to install: Multiple Keying Possibilities
  • Reliability: Meets EN4165 - sealing, vibration, fire, smoke, toxicity compliance and mechanical endurance.
  • Weight optimization: Designed using composite materials


  • Contacts size 24 to size 8
  • Coaxial, Quadrax / High speed Ethernet or optical contacts
  • Removable modules for easy modifications
  • Large number of insert layout options