DEUTSCH DBAS series connectors

Reliable and Radiation Resistent

Designed for aeronautic and space applications, TE’s DEUTSCH DBAS Series connector was created for severe environments.

Designed for severe environmental zones such as rocket launch pads. TE’s DEUTSCH DBAS Series connectors are designed for aeronautic and spacel applications, and are compliant with specifications SAE/AS81703 series III, UTE C 93 - 422 model HE 311 and ESA/SCC 3401. Because of its visual and sensitive push-pull locking system, DEUTSCH DBAS Series connectors are highly reliable. The wide range of inserts and large range of shell types and accessories with multiple surface-finishing options makes integrated solutions for custom designs possible. 


Service temperature




  • High reliability
  • High performance
  • Custom design for integrated solutions


  • Easy and secure locking
  • Hermetic, rackable, lanyard, EMI shielded, dead-face, cryogenic and custom configurations
  • In accordance with SAE/AS 81703 series III, UTE C 93-422 model HE 311 specifications and ESA/SCC 3401