Land Grid Array (LGA) Sockets

Solderless, Compression-Mount Technology

We offer a wide range of socketing solutions for land grid array (LGA) packages. Sockets are available in 0.50, 0.80, 1.00, or 1.27 mm centerline pitches with I/O counts more than 5000 contacts.

The high cross-link (HXC) material system provides a highly conductive interconnect between the processor and the printed circuit board (PCB). Our flexible tooling provides fast turnaround time for prototypes so sockets can be in your hands at the earliest stages of your program. Our HXC125 material system solves the challenge of connecting high I/O microprocessors and ASICs to PC boards. LGA sockets use solderless, compression-mount technology. Force is applied to each contact to optimize the contact’s electrical performance. Threaded hardware connects to the studs of the bolster plate, which pass through the PC board, socket, and heat sink. Tightening the hardware creates a load on the heat sink, which causes the LGA package to compress the contacts to the board. The bolster plate provides support behind the PC board.


Very low profile


Inexpensive to replace and repair


Processing speeds greater than 10GHz

LGA Sockets

LGA sockets

LGA sockets are the latest socket technology for Intel- and AMD-based LGA microprocessor packages that range in size up to 1200+ positions. This generation of LGA sockets provides a compressive electrical interface to the microprocessor package and are solder ball, surface mount attached to the PCB. The stainless steel load plate provides a reliable interconnection to the microprocessor package with a single lever handle for package actuation. The contact tip geometry is optimized to reduce risk of contact damage during handling and package installation.

Features: LGA Sockets

Ease of Soldering and Positioning
  • Socket housing facilitates efficient soldering to the PCB.
  • Socket is supplied with a cap to facilitate vacuum pick and place.
  • Backplates are available in zinc or nickel plating.

Applications: LGA Sockets

PCs and Servers
  • Desktop computers
  • Low-end servers
Desktop Computers
Desktop computers