HDMI Connectors

HDMI Connectors

On-board high-speed connections. TE's HDMI connectors are designed to provide high-speed vehicle data transmission and meet passenger vehicle requirements.

Traveling the Information Highway. TE’s HDMI Connectors are designed to provide high-speed data transmission and meet passenger vehicle standards and requirements. The compact connectors have a robust design that improves vibratility and impact resistance in comparison to consumer HDMI connectors. The Type E connectors are EMI optimized with a fully-shielded design. As smartphone connections in vehicles rapidly increase, HDMI Type E connectors are an excellent solution to connect smartphone video stream. The connectors are ver. 1.4a compatible and are suited for smartphone connectivity, rear seat connections, Blu-ray video streaming and consumer ports.


  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Rear seat connection
  • Blu-ray video stream
  • Consumer port


  • HDMI specification ver. 1.4a compatible
  • Full shielded design
  • Compact size, reflow soldering capable for Header
  • Type A – Type E harness available