High Density Lever Mating

Our DEUTSCH STRIKE connectors feature a lever lock system and are designed for heavy duty equipment applications. DEUTSCH STRIKE connectors are available in two housing sizes. The connectors are available in 32 and 64 cavities that accept size 16 & 20 DEUTSCH contacts.

Product Features:

Specs for DEUTSCH STRIKE connectors
  • Accepts contact sizes 16 (13 amps) and 20 (7.5 amps)
  • 14-22 AWG (2.50-0.35 mm2)
  • 32 and 64 cavity arrangements
  • In-line, flange, or PCB mount
  • Square, thermoplastic housing
  • Lever for mating
  • TPA confirms contact alignment and retention


14-22 AWG (2.50-0.35 mm2)

Square, thermoplastic housing

  1. DEUTSCH STRIKE Connector Overview & Assembly Instructions (English)

Learn about our heavy-duty DEUTSCH STRIKE connectors which feature a lever lock for mating. Watch this video for an overview of the connectors and for step-by-step instructions on inserting and removing contacts, as well as mating and unmating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    What is a STRIKE connector?

A:     DEUTSCH STRIKE environmentally sealed connectors are designed for cable to cable and cable to board applications. STRIKE connectors are used in harsh environment applications where even a small degradation in connection may be critical.

Q:    What are the appropriate applications for STRIKE connectors?

A:     Truck, Bus, Off-highway, Construction, Agriculture, Mining, Emergency Vehicles, Forestry, Recreational, Marine, Motorcycle


Q:    When should I use STRIKE connectors?

A:     DEUTSCH STRIKE connectors provide reliability and performance on the engine or transmission, under the hood, for power control units, bulkheads, on the chassis, or in the cab. STRIKE connectors offer field proven reliability and rugged quality. The STRIKE design strengths include optional flange mounting, multi-pin arrangements, lower costs, and design flexibility. STRIKE connectors offer the designer the ability to use multiple size contacts within a single shell. 



CAT-ST858-CH8172 Automotive, Truck, Bus, & Off-Road Housings  1
  • Connector Style Housing for female terminals
  • Connector System Wire-to-Board
  • Sealable Yes
  • Hybrid Connector No
  • Primary Locking Feature Integrated in Housing
  • Connector & Contact Terminates To Wire & Cable
  • Number of Positions 32
  • Number of Rows 8
  • Color Black
  • Connector Code A
  • Cable Exit Angle 180°
  • Mating Pin Diameter .99
  • Contact Current Rating (Max) 7.5
  • Connector Mounting Type Panel
  • Mounting Feature Without
  • Terminal Position Assurance Yes
  • Operating Temperature Range -55 – 125
  • Circuit Application Signal
  • Degree of Protection IP67
  • Packaging Method Package
  • Packaging Quantity 144
  • Connector Position Assurance Capable No
CAT-ST858-H342 Automotive, Truck, Bus, & Off-Road Headers  1
  • Connector System Wire-to-Board
  • Sealable Yes
  • Connector & Contact Terminates To Printed Circuit Board
  • Shielded No
  • Hybrid Header Yes
  • Number of Positions 32
  • Number of Rows 4
  • Number of Sections 2
  • Nominal Voltage Architecture 12
  • Voltage Rating (Max) 250
  • Operating Voltage 250
  • Operating Voltage 250
  • Voltage Rating (Max) 12
  • Color Black
  • Connector Code A
  • Pin Diameter 1
  • Interface Plating Tin (Sn)
  • Termination Method Through Hole - Solder
  • PCB Mount Retention Type Solder Tail
  • PCB Mount Retention With
  • Panel Mount Feature With
  • Mounting Holes With
  • PCB Mount Alignment With
  • Mounting Orientation Horizontal/90°
  • Locking Interface With
  • Centerline (Pitch) 3.4
  • Width 82
  • Length 39.87
  • Operating Temperature Range -55 – 125
  • Operating Temperature (Max) 100
  • Degree of Protection IP67
  • UL Flammability Rating None
  • Packaging Quantity 48
  • Packaging Type Box