Metal Hybrid Protection (MHP)

Reliable Overtemperature Protection

Our MHP-TA (Metal Hybrid PPTC Thermal Activation) device offers reliable overtemperature protection that can meet the needs of low-profile and high capacity lithium polymer battery packs.

Protecting battery packs, while keeping a low profile. Our MHP-TA device offers a 9VDC rating and a higher current rating than typical battery strap devices. Most ultra-thin computing products use lightweight and high capacity lithium polymer (LiP) and prismatic cells that also exhibit higher voltages and battery discharge rates. The MHP-TA's compact size (5.8mm x 3.85mm x 1.15mm) and multiple activation temperature ratings ranging from 72 to 90 degrees celsius, help give our device a sizable advantage in helping meet safety requirements required of LiP and prismatic cells.


Features Thermal Cut-Off (TCO) protection


Up to 15A current rating protection


1.15 mm low profile design


Bimetal and PPTC

  Advantages Disadvantages
Bimetal Low resistance, High Operting Current, Good Temperaturing Sensing Non-Latching, Mechanical Contact
PPTC Latches, No Mechanical Contact Thermal Derating Size for Operating Current

Li-ion Protection (English)

TE’s Barry Brents explains how PolySwitch and MHP devices help protect Li-ion cell and battery packs.


Compact Design, Current Capacity
  • 9VDC rating
  • Two levels of current carrying capacity:

      - Low current (nominal 6A hold current @25°C)

      - High current (nominal 15A hold current @25°C)

  • Multiple activation temperature ratings (72°C, 77°C, 82°C, 85°C, 90°C)
  • Compact size (L: 5.8mm x W: 3.85mm x H: 1.15mm) allows for ultra-thin battery pack designs


Resettable Protection
  • Capable of handling the higher voltages and battery discharge rates found in high-capacity lithium polymer and prismatic cell applications
  • Helps provide resettable overtemperature protection in high-capacity LiP and prismatic cell applications


Batteries in Mobile Electronics
  • Tablets
  • Ultra-thin notebooks PCs
  • Smart phones
  • E-readers
The MHP-TA device’s thermal activation and other advanced features help provide a costeffective, space-saving method of overtemperature protection in today’s thinnest consumer electronics devices.
MHP-TA Resettable Device,
Application Note