Micro-MaTch Cable Assemblies

Reliable performance, 100% tested

Reliable industry-leading cable connections, offering the same unique design.

Highly flexible, standard and customized leads. It is possible to deliver custom made Micro-MaTch lead Assemblies, both cable end assemblies and daisy-chain assemblies, in all positions between 4 and 20 in all required cable lengths. Besides customized, there is also a standard length portfolio available with short lead times. All leads are 100% electrical tested on shortcut and connection before shipment. A flexible 7 stranded cable is used for easy assembly. 


Space Saving Design, Wire to Wire Compatibility
  • Small, compact size ( space savings )
  • Time saving wire termination
  • Enables wire-to-wire 
  • Intermateable with receptacle of various configurations ( SMT, Right Angle,TMT )
  • Keying interface prevent mis-matching


  • Industrial communications
  • Pumps
  • PLC's
  • Robotics
  • Elevators
  • Automotive
  • Consumer