Cosmic 42R Cable Stripper

Cosmic 42R Stripper

The Cosmic 42R is a cable stripper for ultra-micro coaxial cables.

The Cosmic 42R bench top machine is equipped with a waste vacuum cleaning system to provide proper removal of slugs. With its three blade rotating head we enable a precise centered cutting and stripping function. The centralized pressure is adjustable to avoid unwanted twist and/or deformation. All parameters required for coax stripping: stripping length, incision diameter, way-back, pull-back speed, are displayed on a large LCD screen for speedier setups. The unit allows for up to 1,000 different data sets to be stored which can be recalled in an instant.


40mm max stripping length


Up to 9 stripping steps


Up to 1,000 stored data sets

LCD Display

Speedier Setups and Control

Parameters for coax stripping

  • Stripping length
  • Incision diameter
  • Wayback
  • Pull-back speed


Accuracy, Easy-To-Use
  •  Repeatable high precision
  •  Equipped with waste vacuum system
  •  Stores up to 1,000 sets of data
  •  Graphical LCD display
  •  Compact, easy-to-handle bench top model
  •  Sold and distributed only in North America


  • Ultra-micro coaxial cables
  • Coaxial cables
  • Multiconductor cables
  • Standard wire