Kappa 350 Wire Stripper

Kappa 350 Stripper

The Kappa 350 belongs to the latest generation of automatic cutting and stripping machines. This model offers simple and flexible touch controls and an extremely broad range of processing. Even difficult to process materials can be set up quickly and easily. The conversion to new types of cables can be done without tools so it is ultra-fast.

This powerhouse machine offers a double-blade design. It is built for processing round conductors with a cross section of up to 120m² and a maximum outside diameter of up to 35mm. The powerful belt drive ensures gentle processing across the entire cross section range. The elimination of initial cut losses makes an especially big difference in this model for the top of the cross section range.


Simple Interface, Low Wire Loss
  • High performance
  • Simple, flexible operation with touch interface
  • Innovative sensors to aid in setup and to monitor processing
  • Minimal wire loss, due to sensor monitoring
  • Simple integration of delivery and deposit equipment
  • TopWin interface
  • Networking in company network