Kappa 310 Stripper

Kappa 310 Wire Stripper

The Kappa 310 machine is an ultra-compact and reasonably priced high-speed machine. It is designed for the reliable controlled processing of the finest wire sizes from 0.02mm² to 6mm². All process parameters can be saved along with applied pressure values.

Power, performance, and a new type of sensor. All machine types in the Kappa product family offer a broad range of processing. With simple and flexible controls, even difficult to process materials can be set up quickly and easily. The changeover to new types of cables can be done without tools so it is ultra-fast.


  • Broader processing range with a diversity of options and solutions
  • Innovative sensors to aid in setup and to monitor processing 
  • Intuitive, flexible, and simple touch-screen operation 
  • Simple integration of upstream and downstream equipment
  • TopWin for part list production and network solutions