Semi-Automative Stripper Crimper Machine

Stripper Crimper Machine

This semi-automatic bench machine strips and terminates wire in a single operation. In addition to the use of quick-change applicators, machine adjustment has been simplified to reduce set-up times.

A semi-automatic bench-top machine designed to strip and terminate wire in a single operation. Using interchangeable applicators, this versatile machine terminates jacketed cable with a variety of pin and socket contacts, including AMPLIMITE Subminiature D, MATE-N-LOK, and MultiMate Type III+ connectors. Simply position the wire against a spot illuminated on the wire stop and cycle the machine. In the automatic mode, the machine cycles when the wire touches the wire stop. For highly accurate, real-time monitoring of every crimp, the machine can be equipped with crimp quality monitoring (CQM) and checks crimp height as well as the crimp force curve. It provides visual and audible alerts of questionable crimps, plus ports for printing and networking. To maintain tight crimp tolerances, the machine allows you to adjust crimp height in .0005 [0.0127] increments.


Strips and crimps wire sizes up to 14AWG


Wire breakouts down to .72 [18]


Sets up in 10 minutes or less

This versatile machine is ideal for terminating jacketed cable with a variety of pin and socket contacts
Stripper Crimper Machine,


  • Strip and terminate wires 32-14 AWG [0.03-2 mm²]
  • Fast set-up times: 10 minutes or less
  • Illuminated target area
  • Convenient scrap removal
  • Select foot switch or wire-sensor mode of operation
  • Air-powered machine operation
  • Wire breakouts down to .72 [18]
  • Precision crimp adjustment in .0005 [0.0127] increments


TE Connectors

  • Terminates Jacketed Cable
  • AMPLIMITE Subminiature D Connnectors
  • MATE-N-LOK Connectors
  • Multimate Type III+ Connectors
  • Also available for non-TE products