Model GII Bench Top Terminator

Bench-top Terminators and Press Machines

From low to medium volume wire processing, TE delivers an extensive line of bench-top terminators and presses that have a proven and successful record of dependable production solutions.

Our long history and experience of manufacturing bench-top crimping machines spans decades. Today, we offer a vast array of terminator and presses that offer flexibility, performance and reliability. The new Model G II Terminating Unit represents the latest and most advanced design in the long-standing series of AMP-O-LECTRIC machines for terminating wire using reeled terminals. The AMP 3K and 5K Terminators are powerful, economically priced machines that deliver the increased output and quality of a semi-automatic machine. The AMP-O-LECTRIC Model G II Terminator with Thru-Splice Applicator is designed to apply thru-splices by providing access to both sides of the applicator that place the wires to maximize production efficiency. The CRIMPMATIC 970 and 971 machines enable cost effective manufacturing of crimp connections with high production efficiency.