Alpha 355 Leadmaker Machine

Alpha 355 Lead Maker Machine

The Alpha 355 Lead Maker is designed for one- and two-sided crimping and seal loading. It can handle double-crimp connections involving varying lengths and with the same wire without any problem.

The Alpha 355 leadmaker machine measurements for crimp height and pull-out force are integrated in the process. The measured results are automatically transferred to the user software and compared with the specified values. With this approach, input errors are eliminated, and production cannot start until the measured results match the specified ones. All processing stations are readily accessible through the vertically opening safety covers. Applicators, terminal reels, and other parts for specific applications can be changed without tools. Controls are positioned locally, allowing the corresponding machine functions to be triggered during setup. All setting and adjustment procedures can be controlled from the TopWin user software in over 20 different languages.


Max 10 m/s wire draw-in speed


Noise level

With the rotating wire changer and the TopWin user software, much of the next job can be prepared while the current job is being produced on the machine. Machine downtime is minimized through integrated quality measurements and the automatic guide tube changer.
Alpha 355 Fully-Automatic Crimping Machine,
Application Tooling Document


Minimized Downtime
  • Maximum production output thanks to the very latest technology
  • Optimum ergonomics for quick changeovers
  • Reliable process monitoring
  • Integrated quality measurements
  • Setup of next job while machine is in production


Wire Processing
  • One-sided crimping
  • Two-sided crimping
  • Seal loading