Used and Reconditioned Equipment

Used and Reconditioned Equipment

When you purchase a reconditioned machine, you can expect the same uncompromising standards of a brand new machine. This reconditioning process is an alternative way to experience the quality and reliability of some of the finest machines in the industry, offering performance, safety, and durability that meet your specific configuration.

Why use reconditioned machines?  The TE reconditioned process offers the advantages of a new machine – at significant savings to you. In addition to the quality and workmanship that comes with your reconditioned equipment you will receive services such as:

  • Standard 6 Month Warranty
  • Installation and Training available with each machine
  • Access to our experienced Field Engineers located worldwide
  • Service contracts available to cover all of our application equipment
  • Access to services such as our tooling assistance center, spare parts, repair troubleshooting and more

Reliable Equipment at Significant Savings

  • Reconditioned to original factory standards
  • Complete system recalibration
  • Complete tear-down and rebuild
  • 6-month warranty (select models)
  • All the advantages of a new machine at significant savings to you

Example of Savings

Gamma 333 Lead Maker
  • Retail Price $110,900
  • Reconditioned Price $75,000
  • Savings $35,900


* Example prices only. Reconditioned prices are based on availability and are subject to change.

Value Packaging

Get even more for your money with an TE Xpanded package. Bundle your reconditioned or used machine with value added accessories and receive a discount on all items combined. The more you purchase the more you save. A reconditioned and used equipment package usually consists of:

  • Precision Controller
  • Air Feed Kit
  • Double crimp module
  • Passive Terminal Guide
  • and many more


Used and Reconditioned Machines

Description Family Part Number Price
AMP-O-LECTRIC Standard Model K Terminator Terminator 1-471273-5 $3,250 USD
AMP-O-LECTRIC Model G Terminator Terminator 1583090-1 $5,175 USD
AMP-O-LECTRIC Model G Thru Splice Terminator Terminator 6-1725675-0 $5,900 USD
AMP 3K Terminator Terminator 3-1725675-8 $2,625 USD
AMP 3K Terminator with stripping module Terminator 3-1725675-3 $9,200 USD
AMP 3K Terminator with strip module and CQM II Terminator 6-1725675-1 $15,999 USD
AMP 5K Terminator Terminator 4-1725675-8 $3,375 USD
AMP 5K Terminator with stripping module Terminator 5-1725675-1 $10,200 USD
AMP 5K Terminator with strip module and CQM II Terminator 6-1725675-2 $16,999 USD
Gamma 333 PC Leadmaker Leadmaker various $75,000 USD