Electronic Component Repair

Electronic Component Repair

Electronics are reliable, but when a failure occurs, TE is ready to repair the electronic components used in TE Application Tooling equipment. We offer repair of electronic components or, in some cases, an exchange for older components that cannot be repaired.

Component repairs and core exchanges Qualifying repair components are evaluated and a quote is provided for customer approval. Repaired components are fully tested before being returned to the customer. The Core Exchange program offers reconditioned electronic components that are available for purchase when a like component in repairable condition is provided in exchange.

Application Tooling Repair

Electronic Components

You have already made the right choice in crimp tooling – TE quality tooling. TE quality certification and maintenance are also the right choice to keep your crimp tooling operating at peak performance. 

Electronic Component Repair

Qualified Products
  • AMP-O-LECTRIC Model G Terminator Controller
  • CHAMPOMATOR 2.5 Controller
  • Crimp Quality Monitor (CQM)
  • AMPOMATOR CLS main board and display


  • Quick turnaround
  • Complete functional testing
  • 90-day warranty on replacement parts