RBK ILS MKIV Processor

RBK ILS Processor MKIV

The RBK ILS processor MKIV is a semi-automatic unit driven by an industrial PC and controlled via a touch panel designed to install splice sealing products onto ultrasonically welded or crimped splice joints used in automotive harnesses.

The RBK ILS MKIV operates in several modes – manually, sequenced, and automatic. Manual - the operator sets time and temperature; sequenced offers automatic presetting of times and temperatures (also randomly selected from stored sequence). The automatic communciation with upstream ultrasonic welder can allow time and termperature to be automatically set without operator intervention. In this way, the operator is able to efficiently load both machines to minimize "dead time". Installing Raychem splice sealing products immediately after welding can reduce installation time and offers the earliest possible mechanical protection for the welded joint. 



Electrical supply: 220 V-240 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption: 1.7 A (max.)
Operating temperature: 500°C recommended
Machine cycle times for splice sealing
products used on typical range of
automotive splices:
6 to 20 sec. depending on wire size
and the number or wires used
Total system noise: <80 dB
Dimensions: 340 x 380 x 430 mm [13.4 x 15.0 x 16.9 in]
Weight: 18 kg


  • Long life heating elements
  • Sequenced installations (up to 200)
  • Different user levels / password protected
  • Automatic heater retraction on mains failure
  • Automatic calibration (single cycle)
  • RS232 interface allows communication with a remote machine (e.g. an ultrasonic welding tool)
  • Barcode scanning option
  • Integrated database (process parameters, product info, date, time, user, machine hours, installation cycles)
  • Optional retrofitable air-cooling device
  • Optional retrofitable tube centering device
  • Software upgradeable to support special applications
  • Integrated SW safety features
  • Compliant with latest CE and RoHs requirements
  1. Raychem RBK ILS MK4 Processor (English)

Designed to efficiently heat shrink connections that will last in some of the harshest environments, the Raychem RBK ILS MK4 Processor provides optimal heating temperatures, performance, and control features for maximum production efficiency. This video shows the RBK ILS MK4 processor in action.

  • Tubing Insulation (English)

  • Tubing Sealing (English)

529535-2 Heat Shrink Equipment  1
  • Region Worldwide
  • Process Flow Discrete
  • Application In-Line Splice
  • Voltage 220
  • Substrate Length Max 65
  • Substrate Outside Diameter Max 20