Hand tools for all your application needs

TE Connectivity (TE) provides a wide variety of hand tools. Whether you need manual tooling or something with more power, TE has the tool for you. Our SDE dies can be used across platforms from manual to pneumatic to battery-powered as your needs change. We also carry insertion/extraction tools, tools for IDC, networking applications, and so much more.

Tool Grade

Tool grade is a prime consideration when choosing the appropriate tool for an application. Our hand tools are categorized into three levels: Service, Commercial and Premium. The higher the grade of the tool, the less operator skill is required to repeatedly meet the specified parameters of the crimp. 

Premium Tools


Premium tools include the appropriate crimp die configuration, integral locating, and integral straightening features that permit terminals or contacts crimped in these tools to meet all feature requirements in applicable TEC application (114-) specifications. Most premium tools include an adjustable insulation crimp height feature and the CERTI-CRIMP ratcheting feature, set at the factory, which prevents the ratchet from releasing until the wire crimp jaws bottom within .001. This helps provide consistent repeatability of the crimp. Premium hand tools require the least amount of user dexterity. 

Commercial Tools


Commercial die assemblies are designed to meet the wire crimp height requirements per the applicable TEC application (114-) specifications. Other feature requirements may or may not be met. Commercial handle assemblies permit the interchange of die assemblies and an adjustable ratcheting feature. Users are responsible for adjusting the ratchet to obtain the correct crimp height. Commercial tools require a greater amount of user dexterity than premium crimp tools. 

Service Tools

Service tools are generally single thickness, stamped tools. They are not intended to meet any specifications and require a higher level of user dexterity to obtain acceptable results. 

Crimp Theory Fundamentals: Series I (English)

Increase your working knowledge of quality electrical crimp terminations by understanding what goes into making a good crimp.

Commercial Family of Hand Tools - Perfect for prototype and repair work. Affordable and flexible designs with interchangeable Standard Die Envelope (SDE) die sets.
certi-crimp family
CERTI-CRIMP Family of Hand Tools - Reliable, repeatable and certified crimping tools to handle a variety of industry mandated specifications. Their interchangeable head designs allow users to easily upgrade their CERTI-CRIMP tools to battery or electric powered alternatives.
Our comprehensive line of durable lithium-ion powered hand tools can increase production levels all while reducing hand fatigue. Interchangeable die sets and head designs allow users to upgrade from manual versions to higher performing battery tools.
The AT-300 electric bench top unit is designed to accommodate SDE and CERTI-CRIMP die sets. It's also ideal for customers looking for a faster, more repeatable bench top alternative crimping machine.