CSP 3T Servo Electric Press Machine

CSP 3T Servo Electric Press Machine

This press uses an automatic shuttle system for fast and simple product presentation.

Focused at the application of PCBs onto compliant pin housings, this system is provided with full control and monitoring of force, distance and speed for quality assurance of every product applied. Force, distance, and speed are the core parameters of any press cycle. With feed back and PC control, CSP systems can monitor and control each characteristic of every press stroke run on the press in real-time. If any aspect of that press cycle is outside of specified limits, the system can stop the press, mid-stroke, to prevent damage to the product and reduce or eliminate scrap. This gives CSP systems a distinct advantage over pneumatic or hydraulic systems which can not offer the same level of control.

3 Ton

3 ton press force


PC controlled


Pin Penetration Sensing (PPS) option


Faster Processing and Precision

CSP 3T Benefits Press Machine Description
Servo Drive Precision

Each system is supplied with a servo electric drive with force feedback control. Force capacity is available up to 3 tons [27 kN] to handle a range of compliant pin housings and connectors on the market today. Compared to pneumatic or hydraulic systems, the CSP is quiet, efficient, and does not suffer from oil leaks that can damage PCBs. With PC control, the servo driven SEP provides an easily programmed press system with automatic set up from press cycle to press cycle. The system reaches levels of precision and accuracy not available in a pneumatic or hydraulic press.


Faster Processing The CSP is supplied with an automatic product shuttle that locates the product stack up under the ram and upper insertion tool. The operator loads the PCB and housing/ connector into a lower support fixture that is mounted on the shuttle and hits the start switch. The system confirms part presence and then shuttles the product under the ram mounted upper tool to complete the press cycle. This allows the system to automatically press the product while the operators hands are free to perform other tasks such as preparing the next product to be applied. The end result is increased quality by confirming proper product location and decreased processing time.


Shuttle System Design, Advanced Monitoring
  • Servo electric press with shuttle system
  • Housing capacity of 3 x 6" [75 x 150mm]
  • Able to monitor and control force, distance and speed
  • Optional pin penetration sensing (PPS)
  • Full SPC data of every component pressed for quality assurance and traceability
  • Database driven software for simple programming and automatic setup


  • Compliant pin housings
  • Connectors
  • Printed circuit boards (PCBs)