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Instruction Sheet (U.S.)

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Product Type Features

  • Technology  Heat Shrink

  • Product Type  Heat Shrink Wrap-Around

  • Adhesive Coating  Yes

  • Wall Style (Excluding Adhesive)  Single

  • Wall Thickness  Medium

  • Coating Style  Inline

  • Material System  Crosslinked Polyolefin

  • Product Family  MRS

  • Component Design  Heat Shrink

Electrical Characteristics

  • Voltage Rating (kV) 2

Body Features

  • Flexibility  Semi-Flexible

  • Color  Black

Mechanical Attachment

  • Mechanical Reinforcement  No


  • Application Diameter (Max) 89 mm [ 3.5 in ]

  • Application Diameter (Min) 58 mm [ 2.3 in ]

  • Sleeve Length 762 mm [ 30 in ]

Usage Conditions

  • Flammability  Yes

  • Environmental Resistance  Moisture, Weathering, Rain, Salt Water, Contaminated Water …

  • Chemical Resistance  Transformer Oil & Hydrocarbons (Both, Depending on Type, Conditions & Exposure Time)


  • Product Use  Power cables, Telecom cables, Joints/Splices, Mechanical protection & outer sealing on LV/MV/HV applications on flexible cables (e.g. for mining)

  • UV-Stabilized  Yes

  • Free of Lead, Cadmium, Heavy Metals  Yes

  • Application  Cable Jacketing, Cable Repair, Rejacketing/Outer Protection on Joints/Splices, Insulation & Protection, Rail Application, Marine Application, Industrial Application, Underground Application, Multi-Purpose Application

  • Thermal Resistance  Applicable for Low Temperatures, Flame-Retardant

  • Mechanical Resistance  Abrasion Resistant, Against mechanical Impact or Damage

  • Marine-Offshore-Shipbuilding Certified  No

Industry Standards

  • UL Rating  No

  • Standards  MSHA Approved

  • CSA Certified  No

Product Availability

  • Product Availability  Worldwide

Packaging Features

  • Standard Pack  10


  • Emission-Free  No

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