Repeaterless Networks

Repeaterless Solutions

SubCom is an industry leader in undersea communications. That’s why customers turn to us for repeaterless cable systems — custom-designed solutions for vital communications along shorter distances.

A repeaterless cable system is a custom-designed solution for shorter distances. SubCom offers complete turnkey solutions for repeaterless systems, where distances are typically less than 500 km. Implementations have included hybrid systems with repeaterless branches on repeatered trunks, as well as purely repeaterless systems. Our product line includes high power amplifiers, booster amplifiers, raman pumps and unrepeatered cables. SubCom’s experience in repeaterless, regional and long-haul systems together with our broad product portfolio, allows us to optimize each system for the your specific needs.


Amount of fiber optic networks globally deployed using TE undersea cable


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TE SubCom has deployed enough cable
to circle 15 times around the Equator