Stephen Rowland
Traveling to other TE plants and visiting customers all around the world has broadened my knowledge and has given me a different perspective on how to solve different challenges.

Steve started work at TE straight from school, on a Government scheme “YOP” (Youth Opportunities Program) as a trainee technician in Research and Development. 34 years later he is still in TE and is now responsible for the lifecycle of the Identification solution products.

Steve graduated from the Plastic and Rubber Institute (GPRI) and in the process won the “Best Overall Project” award from the West of England branch of the Institute Of Materials. He has worked in many departments/functions throughout different BU's within TE. He has always been involved in materials science, accumulating a vast knowledge in the field, which has allowed him to lead his team well in order to optimize our identification products.


What current industry challenges are your team working on?

Let’s say that one of the more important challenges that we face today is to ensure our products comply with all the new environmental regulations and at the same time maintain the performance required by the (many) industry standards. Achieving this in an efficient manner is key.

This itself raises another challenge, which is how we can reduce the number of raw materials in our formulations. Rationalisation of unique and/or non-compliant raw materials, whilst reducing costs at the same time, is one of our major challenges.  The aim is to have a lower number of raw materials that are common across many of our formulations.

This challenge means that every day we have to evaluate new raw materials, check that their sources are reliable and sustainable. We know that this is not an easy task, but the wide knowledge TE has in materials science means we are able to advance a little further every day, responding to our customers with the products they need efficiently.


How do you think that TE could give better identification solutions to our customers?

TE has a set of advantages that allow us to create better solutions for our customers.

On one hand TE has materials science heritage and expertise from Raychem which gives us an edge in creating new products or reformulating the current portfolio.

On the other hand, we are a company who participates in multiple industries allowing us to transfer the experience we gain from one industry to the other. This is also accompanied by a group of specialists in each industry working together with our clients, detecting their needs, understanding the challenges and developing the best solutions together.

Those combination of factors places TE in a unique position to create better solutions for our customers.


How do you tackle the tough challenges you come across in your job role?

Solving tough challenges is part of my daily work, they are also what make this job very interesting and satisfying. In order to tackle tough challenges - we spend time analysing the situation, we look for any field information available from design engineers, field engineers, experts and specialists. We always look to work with our customers as if they were partners, creating a joint development or problem-solving team.

This collaborative approach, usually creates a team spirit which is key to successfully overcoming the challenges and finding solutions.