Sean Lewington
I am, and have always been, inspired by science and engineering.

Sean Lewington is Senior Principle Engineer for Energy Research & Advance Development Group. He has more than 25 years’ experience working with silicone elastomers, sealants and polymeric formulations for heat shrink, cold applied applications, insulators, and sealants. Sean and his team ensure that our manufacturing, testing and field applications meet international standards, as well as TE’s rigorous process for the highest performing products.


What is a current industry challenge that TE engineers are working on?

TE material engineers are striving to develop new “future-proof” materials and processes for cost-effective, easy-to-install products to survive long-term under harsh environmental conditions.


What has been your favorite / most interesting project that you are working on?

One of my key skills is failure analysis and I regularly get involved to investigate competition products, quality issues and occasional field failures. This can involve in-depth sample analysis, documentation and postulation of most probable root causes, using forensic-type methodology.


What inspires you? How do you approach tough problems?

I am and have always been inspired by science and engineering and try to understand all problems/challenges by going back to basic principles. I also regularly use the Kepner Tregoe problem analysis technique, which is a structured/fact-based approach to specifying.