Guidewire Assembly


Guidewire Assembly & Manufacturing

Our extensive in-house guidewire assembly and manufacturing capabilities can support your product development through commercialization. Get complete custom guidewire manufacturing services, including private label guidewires, all from one company.

TE has extensive core grinding capabilities with state-of-the-art precision grinding equipment featuring CAM technology and a profilometer grind profile measurement system to ensure we meet customers' tight tolerance precision grinding requirements. Our engineering team is ready to help you develop and design your guidewire to meet the performance specs you need. TE currently has clearance for stainless steel guidewires for applications in coronary, gastroenterology, renal, urology, obstetrics, gynecology, radiology and peripheral vasculature.

510K Clearance Matrix

Guidewire Features Description
Guidewire OD 0.014" to 0.038"
Guidewire Length 40cm to 450cm
Core Material Stainless steel
Coil Materials Platinum
Stainless steel
Coatings/Jacket Uncoated
PTFE spray
PTFE jacket
RO Marker Bands Platinum
  • Guidewire Features
  • Guidewire OD
  • Description 0.014" to 0.038"
  • Guidewire Length
  • Description 40cm to 450cm
  • Core Material
  • Description Stainless steel
  • Coil Materials
  • Description Platinum Stainless steel
  • Coatings/Jacket
  • Description Uncoated PTFE spray PTFE jacket
  • RO Marker Bands
  • Description Platinum

Guidewire Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Stainless steel & nitinol core wire diameters from 0.009" - 0.038”
  • Multiple tip configurations to meet guidewire performance criteria
  • Various coiling materials available: Stainless steel, tungsten, gold-plated tungsten, platinum, platinum/tungsten and palladium
  • No PFOA PTFE coatings, hydrophilic and PTFE shrink coatings
  • Laser welding processes for attaching coils and RO markers
  • Packaging ranges from bulk, non-sterile or finished guidewires to fully packaged, labeled and sterilized
  • Full range of services include: Complete contract manufacturing, regulatory submission, program management, program/process development, supply chain management, packaging and sterilization


TE has expanded its core grinding capabilities with new state-of-the-art precision grinding equipment featuring CAM technology and a complementary profilometer grind profile measurement system.

More ground core options and faster turnaround—whether you need a ground core-only job or as part of a finished guidewire project. Direct interface from CAD/CAM provides TE a platform to grind single or multi-tapered grind profiles. Custom shapes and configurations are available upon request.

Materials: stainless teel, hyten stainless steel, nitinol, titanium, etc.


  • Raw wire diameter: 0.006″
  • Raw wire length: 6″ to 177″
  • Ground wire diameter: 0.001″ to 0.038″
  • Ground length: 0 to 20″
  • Taper length: 0 to 20″
  • Tip diameter: 0.001″ to 0.030″
  • Barrel length: 0 to 20″
  • Groove widths: 0.010″ to 1″
  • Number of tapers: Up to 100
  • Number of barrels: Up to 100
  • Flatting: Up to 20″

Secondary Operations: Cutting, ultrasonic cleaning & coating

Custom Prototype Coils

TE’s increased coil manufacturing capacity and broad range of services allow shorter lead times and competitive pricing for coils as components or as a guidewire feature.

Engineering Support:  Collaborative engineers with extensive technical experience assist you from start to finish, including design recommendations on:

  • End use
  • Multiple component assembly procedures
  • Manufacturability
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation, Minitab statistical processing


Materials: Wire diameters ranging from .002″ to .016″ with coil lengths up to 450cm are available

Types: Flat or round wire, left or right wind, single or multi-filar, variable pitch

Materials: Platinum, platinum/tungsten, stainless steel, gold-plated tungsten and more

Secondary Operations: Coil expansion, coatings, burr-free cuts, UV bonding, ultrasonic cleaning


Manufacturing Operations:

  • Left or right winding
  • Single or multi-filar winding
  • Burr-free cuts
  • Coil expansion
  • Coatings
  • Core grinding
  • Ball/spot welding
  • UV bonding
  • Ultrasonic cleaning