Bicycle Rental Kiosks require rugged solutions for EMI compliance

Case Study

Greener Transport Solutions

A bicycle kiosk maker with a growing customer base needed to solve their EMI emission problems so turned to the Corcom V Series filters

The Opportunity

Bicycle rental kiosks are taking hold in major cities throughout the world allowing consumers to rent and return bikes at various stations. With established sales throughout North America, one maker of kiosk rental systems looked to expand its market by addressing growing international demand. 

The Challenge

In international markets, EMI / RFI regulations and standards require a higher level of compensation both for emissive and conducted interference. Additionally kiosk systems must endure harsh climates and operate reliably for long periods of time with minimal service interruptions.

The Solution

After reviewing the application requirements and testing the customer’s system in one of TE’s regional facilities, the Corcom V Series filter was chosen as the most cost effective way of addressing the emission requirements. The V Series filters are available in a variety of current ratings and are designed for susceptibility use when equipment impedance at RF frequencies is low. 

Corcom V Series EMI Filter

  • 1 to 20 A current ratings
  • 250 VAC max
  • Multiple terminations; spade terminals, threaded bolt, IEC inlet
  • UL recognized
  • CSA certified
  • VDE approved