LED lighting solution for an intelligent buildlng.


Light Years Ahead

LEDs provide brighter, longer lasting, and lower-power solutions for continuous lighting. But only if delivered and protected properly.

Continuous, efficient, protected. Across the globe governments and consumers are working hard to reduce the amount of power used to illuminate our homes and workplaces.  LED lighting is an ideal solution to those challenges. Not only are LED’s brighter and longer lasting, they are more energy efficient than traditional light sources. Manufacturers of LED lighting need economical, easy-to-install solutions that deliver energy-efficient illumination in smaller, longer lasting and more efficient designs.   

LED Fixture Assembly

TE has a broad range of solderless LED holders that give fixture designers an easier way to integrate LEDs. These scalable LED holders form the core of the fixture ecosystem by integrating LED electrical, mechanical, thermal and optical interconnectivity. And compared to traditional methods of LED integration, these holders can accelerate time to market, minimize applied costs, facilitate easy integration and improve assembly efficiency.