Infinite Connections

TE has broadened its harsh connectivity portfolio especially in industrial power and signal applications with the addition of Intercontec’s complementary circular metric connectors. These capabilities will allow TE to offer customers some of the most comprehensive products, technologies and services within the industry.

The suitable connector for every application.                         With the new Intercontec portfolio, TE now offers a large variety of solutions that make connecting easy. Our connectors consist of only a few single parts with a modular architecture which makes them highly compatible and usable in many different combinations. The connector assembly is possible without any tools and particularly easy due to the innovative crown clamp: the shielding mesh can remain uncut. Multiple codings prevent faulty mating of connectors when wiring complex equipment.

Intercontec Locking Systems

The first M12 single-cable connection solution of the 630 V power class in the style of the large servo connection solutions.  

Servo applications are becoming ever smaller in the international markets. This means high requirements for all the other components. Accordingly, there is also a need for a particularly compact and at the same time powerful quick-


connect safety fastener.


The Intercontec M12 speedtec connector is especially made for small-sized servo-motors. The new M12 single-cable connection solution is – like the larger system – equipped with "rotatable angled receptacles" (angled motor connectors with individually adjustable cable outlet directions). 

M12 Speedtec
Our complementary product portfolios make Intercontec the perfect fit for TE’s growth strategy and for strengthening customer support.
Craig McDonnell,
VP & GM Automation & Control